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Summer is Short and Weekends are Shorter!

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Enjoy your summer and the precious time you have on your boat. We can handle all the details and let you spend your time relaxing, cruising, or entertaining. All with just one call.

We provide top-of-the-line boat detailing and cleaning services. We use only Biodegradable products that protect you and your family.Through the years, we have continued to add services and products, as requested by our customers. You will find that we offer a complete and comprehensive list of services that not only protect your investments, but also provide you with something even more valuable; TIME!


Wash Maintenance Program

To maintain your boat's appearance between waxings, we recommend weekly or biweekly washings.  Regular washing will not only protect your boat from salt, bird & bug droppings, acid rain, dirt & dust, but also help prevent dirt from entering the gel coat.  Our washing schedule runs year round.

When washing is requested the following procedure is used:

  • Boat is rinsed off then thoroughly washed with a Soft Mop Brush and Biodegradable Hi-Suds Soap Gel
  • Boat is rinsed off with water then re-rinsed with Spot-Free water
  • Excess water is removed with squeegee then dried with Micro-Fiber Towel
  • Cockpit Area is Washed and Cleaned including Dashboard and Windows
  • Isinglass is cleaned
  • Exterior chrome/stainless wiped down
  • Hand Rails are wiped clean
  • Windows are cleaned and shined
  • Exterior vinyl seats are cleaned



Shouldn't your time be spent relaxing on the boat rather than spending your time and energy cleaning?  Wouldn't it be wonderful to enjoy a sparkling clean boat after a hard week at work?


Interior Cleaning Program

We can thoroughly clean the inside of your boat. Carpets, Windows, Kitchens, Floors - all the things on the interior We offer an initial detail that gets everything in your boat cabin carpeting, windows, cabinets, drawers, woodwork, and lots more. We can schedule for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

When you request that your interior be cleaned the following procedure is used:


  • Interior Carpet is Vacuumed
  • Carpet Stains & Spots are Cleaned
  • Carpet Odor Removal
  • Carpet Shampoo with Odor Removal
  • Interior of Watercraft is Wiped Down
  • All Wood is Cleaned and Dressed
  • All Stainless and Chrome Polished
  • Refrigerator and Stove Cleaned
  • Drawers Cleaned
  • Windows, Mini-Blinds and Mirrors are cleaned
  • Additional services may be added at your request.


Cleaning Maintenance

This is a spray and wipe service and is recommended for freshly washed or recently detailed watercraft to maintain the luster and shine. Light Dusting, Mineral Deposit Removal and Conditioning leave your craft shining like new between washes, after light rains, or for a quick spruce up.

 When cleaning is requested the following procedure is used:


  • Clear Coat Mineral Deposit Removal
  • Light Dust Removal
  • Windows and Vinyl are Cleaned
  • Watercraft Exterior is Wiped Down and Conditioned
  • All Chrome and Stainless Steel is Polished
  • Exterior Polished with UV Protection and Anti-Fog Solution



Waxing Maintenance Program

Protect your boat with 3 waxings each year - Spring, Summer, and Fall. Our expert teams provide 2 coats - a cleaner wax followed by a protective coat. Regular waxing not only keeps your boat looking great, but it helps protect against mineral deposit scarring, and makes your watercraft easier to maintain.


  • When you request that your vessel be waxed the following procedure is used:
  • Boat is Thoroughly Washed and Cleaned (outside and cockpit area).
  • Two coats of All Natural wax are applied from the rub rail up.
  • The first coat is a cleaner wax coat that removes water spots, mineral deposits, acid rain, black streaks and most stains from the fiberglass. The second coat is a pure wax coat that seals the gel coat from oxidation and protects against mother nature's elements.
  • Boat is further Cleaned and Waxed with All Natural Wax by Hand as Needed.
  • Finally the Boat is Polished with Wax by Hand.

We offer a complete maintenance program to keep your boat in tip top shape.  This program is used by hundreds of boaters and each one will swear that the program has made their boat's finish appear new!



Complete Watercraft Detailing Program

Complete detail stern to hull, includes removal of salt spray, rail dust, and water spots. Remove waterline grime (dry docked only). Buff and Wax clear coat. Apply UV Sealant. Polish all chrome & stainless steel, clean trailer (if necessary). Interior Detail, Vacuum, Stain & Odor Removal for Carpet. Clean Seating (fabric & vinyl). Apply fabric protector and UV protection conditioners. Wash, Wax, Polish, and Clean the entire Watercraft in one Complete Detailing Service.

When you request a Complete Detailing Program the following procedure is used:

  • Wash  Boat with High SudsingWash Gel'
  • Rinse Boat with water then apply Spot Free Rinse
  • Wax Exterior with All Natural Wax
  • Clear Coat is then Polished
  • All Stainless Steel & Chrome are Polished                                                                  
  • Water Spot Removal
  • UV Protectant is Applied
  • Interior Carpeting is Vacuumed
  • Carpet Stain & Spot Cleaning
  • Carpet Odor Removal
  • Windows Cleaned with Streak Free Solution
  • Vinyl Seats are Cleaned
  • Entire Cabin is Dusted and Wiped Down
  • All Wood is Cleaned and Dressed
  • Cabin Sanitizing (carpets, interior fabrics, mattress, etc.)


Carpet Cleaning is an additional a la carte service.  This includes all carpets interior and exterior and runners, professionally cleaned to remove stains and odors, finished with an application of stain protectant. Our powerful method requires only a short time to dry.

Our interior cleaning service will extract dust mites and their allergens from your internal cabin & sleeping environments. Provide more comfortable sleep and greater peace of mind. We can manage dust mite problems using our state of the art cleaning and sanitizing techniques.

This comprehensive approach includes high power vacuuming, treatment with Oxygenated Cleaner, and an anti-allergen sanitizing spray that is not harmful to humans or pets.

We focus on mattresses where we spend nearly 1/3 of our lives. In addition to mattresses, dust mites reside in:

pillows,carpets, furniture (cushions)

All these sources can be treated with our advanced system.





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